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April 5, 2012
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Spitfire, a member of the WonderBolts and XyroTR1ís favorite background pony, has graciously decided that XyroTR1 deserves a big Thank You gift for all of his service past, present, and future to the pony fandom. For those that donít know, XyroTR1 is a staff member at Equestria Daily and he uploads MLP:FiM episodes to YouTube so that the rest of the world that doesnít have the Hub channel can watch ponies.

Thanks, XyroTR1. You are a hero to the pony fandom! I hope you like your Spitfire gift.

This is my first official animation. Itís only just less than 15 seconds long, but I sure did learn a lot just from this little bit of animating. I donít know how long it took me to get this finished. I just spent the past several hours making adjustments and tweaking the animation so that it would run as smoothly as I could get it. All in all, I think it came out fairly well for being my first animated piece.

Oh, and part of Spitfireís cutie mark is hidden beneath her wing on purpose. Other than the Ďcutie markí that is actually just a part of the WonderBolt uniform, nobody really knows what the cutie marks for each of the Wonderbolts really are underneath those uniforms. So there really isnít a canon cutie mark for Spitfire or any of the other WonderBolts. Itís hard to notice, but I did make it so that you can see the bottom part of a lightning bolt as part of Spitfireís cutie mark. I didnít want to leave her a blank flank.

This is also probably going to be the only piece of artwork where I ship a canon MLP character with someone's OC. This is a one time thing as a gift to XyroTR1 and I won't be shipping anyone else's OC character.

I have an idea for my next animation, so keep an eye out for it.

Character Designs © Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
MLP FiM, Spitfire ©Hasbro
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